My best friend got married Saturday. I'm very happy for her, but it's bittersweet. A chapter in our lives has closed (forgive the incredibly cliche path this daylogue has taken).

Sunny has been the kind of friend that you only have once in a lifetime, if you're lucky. We are women woven from the same fabric, kindred spirits. A friendship that spans more than 12 years.

The best memories I have with her were nights when she would spend the night at my house. We often would go to bed fairly early and read our respective books (she was an avid reader like me). There is something immensely comforting about a friend with whom you can be completely silent and still enjoy each other's company.

Now she has someone else to read (and do other things) with in bed at night. She has found her soul mate and I am so happy for her. Congratulations Sunny and Mike...