According to the animated series King of the Hill, in the world of propane and propane accessories the job of "tank wipe" is the worst job. In episode 73, "Hanky Panky", Mrs. Strickland divorces her cheating husband and takes over Strickland Propane. Unfortunately, Mr. Strickland's mistress, Debbie, is an employee. Mrs. Strickland decides to reassign Debbie and asks Hank what the worst job is at Strickland's. Hank answers "tank wipe".

However much Hank loathes the job, he believes those with the true calling for propane and propane accessories must start in the job of tank wipe. "The great ones practice the basics."

Hank offers rookie tank wipes a poem to remember the proper (and safe) way to wipe a tank:

Head to feet you won't cause a leak
feet to head everyone's dead