Not just a source for mail order rubber Spock ears, Starlog is a monthly entertainment magazine devoted to science fiction media, with a heavy emphasize on TV shows and movies.

The first issue of Starlog debuted August 1976 as a quarterly magazine. It had a Star Trek episode guide, an interview with Gene Roddenberry, a review of David Bowie's odd ball The Man Who Fell to Earth movie, a stunning behind-the-scenes look at The Bionic Woman TV show, and a first peek at an exciting new sci fi series called Babylon F... err I mean Space: 1999.

Starlog Issue #2 did a larger feature on Space: 1999 and coined the phrase "Mysterious Unknown Force" to describe the first season's habit of advancing episode plots in a rather disjointed manner with little explanation why things were happening. How could a nuclear explosion propel Moon Base Alpha into another galaxy? Hrm... well "Mysterious Unknown Force", of course. In the vastness of space, how does this small dark moon get noticed by so many space aliens? Hrm... well "Mysterious Unknown Force", of course. So move on, nothing to see here. Much like "Go To Statement Considered Harmful", Starlog's "Mysterious Unknown Force" quip has since been adopted by sci fi fans to poke fun at sci fi stories that make similar demands of readers or viewers.

The magazine is published by the Starlog Group, based in New York. The Starlog Group publishes about 20 magazines in total, including Fangoria and some bloody pro wrestling magazines, and grosses about $25 million a year.