Reality TV Show Idea II

My other idea for a reality show is called Who wants to be a millionaire celebrity product endorser (unless you're from Malta)? It works like this. The most beautiful, physically fit men and women in the world are spirited off to some exotic world-classed city like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Athens, Beijing, etc. They're sequestered in a specially built "village" where they're fed wonderful food and given free condoms. At night they party, have sex with each other, and are worshiped by the city's locals. During the day, each of these contestants represents the pride, prowess, virility, and cultural superiority of his/her home nation. Most compete in contests of endurance, strength, and dexterity. Others bound around on a mat with a ribbon tied to a stick. Each contest has three winners, rank ordered based on scores. They're given symbolic colored trinkets depending on their standing. First place gets a gold trinket. Second place gets a silver trinket. Third place gets a bronze trinket. While some of these contests are determined by objective measures (time/distance/pounds clean-and-jerked), others are adjudicated by a panel of hard-to-please judges, similar to the judges in American Idol. Behind the scenes these judges trade favors and accept small tokens of appreciation for their votes.

The nation with the most gold trinkets at the end of the series is declared the most culturally superior nation on earth, unless an American gets a gold trinket for running faster than anyone else over a distance of a 100 meters or a 14-year-old American girl gets a gold trinket for bounding around the best on a mat. If America wins a gold trinket in either of these feats then American cultural superiority is declared, trumping any nation with a higher gold trinket count.

At the end of the reality TV series, the individual gold trinket holders can then cash in their trinket for exciting, glamorous temporary careers as celebrity product endorsers... endorsing anything and everything from shoes to energy bars. After a time they enter phase two, sometimes called "over exposure" or "got old and fat and no longer a plucky 14-year-old girl", the gold trinket holder may be then encouraged to start a Ford dealership or run for political office. American females who won a gold trinket by being 14, plucky, and cartwheeling artistically on a mat are, frequently, offered a chance at endorsing Born Again Christianity and the virtues of motherhood over career.

Silver trinket holders can sometimes parlay their status into careers as celebrity product endorsers if their "just-short-of-the-mark efforts" to attain a gold trinket were considered exceptional, romantic, noteworthy, or they got live TV coverage. Being extremely beautiful also helps. For example, an athlete battles a leg injury suffered when a hick from Oregon smashes her leg bone with a pickup's hub cap. She's very beautiful, tries very hard, but ultimately loses to a Russian woman who will parlay her gold trinket into a centerfold layout in the Romanian edition of Playboy.

Bronze trinket holders are generally forgotten about unless they're Canadian. Canadian bronze trinket holders are allowed to become celebrity product endorsers.

Holders of any colored trinket from Malta are given a jug of wine.