I will be hard and silver and pure without fear. I will be needed and I will be your tool, I will be the wall and I will be the nook wherein fits the hook; bind me, undo me, unleash me. I have been molded and I have been shaped but most of the time I have just grown into. I am no more of silver and dark as I am made of sugar and sprinkles and stars exploding at night; but it´s the image that fits my outfit. I am not your mystery nor your enigma and I certainly never was yours to own; but what you can´t hold you try to break. What I am is the softest whisper, guiding itself back to your ear, there I will nestle like an unassuming blood clot. For all the world to know, I have the greatest patience. Time is on my side as I am always hard and silver and absolutely, unmistakably pure of heart. Others joke candidly or fake without a spur of neuroticism. But I was made to be honest and true, and I will hurt you as much as you really need me to; you can trust me. And long after you no longer need me to break you, I will break you. The fear has been burnt from my flesh as the stars were torn from my eyes; I glitter and shimmer like clear metal, I keep my word.