Probably the rawkinest rawk drummer that ever rawked. Jimmy came from a jazz background, and was a friend of James Iha's around the time that the Smashing Pumpkins were told to lose the drum-machine. He joined the band, and since then he's been pounding the skins into infinity.

Oh, except for that nasty kicked-out-of-the-Pumpkins-because-I-abused- heroin-and-during-the-Mellon-Collie- tour-I-shot-up-with-touring-keyboardist-Jonathan-Melvoin-in-New-York-and-when-I-woke-up-he-was-dead thing.

During the three years between the MC&IS tour and when a recovering Jimmy rejoined the Pumpkins, he was in a band called the Last Hard Men.
He used to be a carpenter, and when the Smashing Pumpkins come to an end, he's going to become a professional race-car driver.

(Jimmy always was a little nutty).