Staying awake all night and going to bed at the desired bedtime the next night proved to be ineffective.

What I didn't count on was how clueless I'd be after being awake 36 hours. I remember having set my alarm. I also remember opening my mouth, staring at the wallpaper and being fascinated by how strong the "after image" was of anything I'd look at, doing something else and wondering 5 minutes later why my mouth was open. Clearly, at some point I must have forgotten my alarm was set, "set" it (thus turning it off) and then carrying on. For all I know I did that multiple times; the point is my alarm never went off so I woke up at 11.

It wasn't completely pointless. It was pretty fun when I wasn't too tired. I get a sort of "buzz" from being up for a really long time (or repeatedly sleeping too little) which made everything more fun. I drew several pictures, the quality of which improved slightly over time. Maybe if I wanted to do something "creative" like drawing or anything else artistic less sleep would be helpful (wouldn't be helpful for writing).

Now I have two options: Continue being lazy and sleeping in everyday until school starts, possibly risking getting no sleep at all before the first day or getting up earlier every day until a reasonable time has been reached. The first one sounds more fun.