The Royal Canadian Geographic Society today announced that Canada's smallest province, Prince Edward Island, has been reclassified as a "provincoid".

"It never really made sense that such a small place was treated like a real province, like Alberta or the Nation of Quebec." said Chief Classifier Mildred "Muddy" Waters. "The population at 136,000 people is less than 3% of the city of Toronto. The city of Vancouver has twice as many Members of Parliament." In fact, Vancouver has 8 MPs versus 4 MPs from PEI, for those keeping score at home.

Waters said that the recent decision to reclassify Pluto as a dwarf planet instead of a full planet showed the way. "Clearly size really does matter, cosmologically speaking" she said. "Now we have 9 provinces and three territories, it's numerically pleasing." She adds that the term "provincoid" was chosen over the alternative designation "dwarf province" due to concerns about possible confusion raised by PEI's tourism board.

Mayor David Miller of Toronto has already applied to have Toronto declared Canada's second provincoid. Canadian Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities John Baird supports the idea. "In fact, fuck 'em, let them become another goddamn country for all we care." he told reporters as he was leaving the Conservative caucus room on Thursday.

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