Mord Sith are characters in The Sword of Truth series written by Terry Goodkind. When magic is used against them they can trap the wielder of the magic. They use the person's very own magic against them, causing imense pain with it.

The Mord Sith are women who have been trained since childhood in the arts of torture. They watched as their mothers were tortured to death and then were made to torture their own fathers to death. After their father is dead they are tortured until broken.

They wear full leather armor. The normal color is red. They wear it into battle and when not torturing a person. They wear brown armor when torturing a pet. A pet is a person the Mord Sith has chosen to bestow her wonderful arts upon. Sometimes they will choose a pet as a mate, which needs no explaination. When a pet is completely broken the Mord Sith wears white armor so all the others will know.

Using a person's magic is not the only form of torture they know. They also have an Agiel. This is a small, red rod that they carry with them everywhere. It usually hangs from their wrist by a thin, gold chain. It causes pain to the Mord Sith as well as the person they are torturing. The Sith love hearing their pets scream in pain.