Crossgen Comics is a new comic book company that debuted in June 2000 with "Crossgen Chronicles #1". This quarterly book and four monthly titles, Mystic, Sigil, Scion, and Meridian, make up the Crossgen universe. The comics are being written by Ron Marz (of Green Lantern fame) and Barbara Kesel.

The universe is very structured, consisting of four planets (so far). Each planet has the distinction of having someone on it receive a mysterous tattoo like sigil appear somewhere on them. This sigil seems to gift that person with incredible powers.

Crossgen Comics should also be noted for their marketing techniques. They offer refunds if you aren't satisfied with the comics. If you read the Crossgen Chronicles and the first three issues of one of the monthly titles and don't like the story or art, then they will give you your money back. They also sent issues to many of the comic book stores to leave on the counter for prospective customers to flip through to decide if the comic is worth buying. Very cool.