with Rebecca,
Maggie was a baby,
and I went in for my checkup,
I was six days overdue.
and when the doctor.
checked me,
he broke my waters.
like they just they - they broke on the uh examining table.
so I had to go straight to the hospital.
and I remember calling my husband at work and saying to him.
I'm in the doctor's office and I gotta go straight to the hospital my water broke.
and he goes oka:y.
and I go so you got to come,
he said,
you want me to come,
I said Ye:s.
I want you to come,
he was so shocked he didn't realize what was going on.
so I went into the hospital,
and even though my waters broke I wasn't in la:bor.
and they,
induce you after a while because,
if your waters breaking you get an infection,
if your not ah - you know if you don't have the baby soon.
Dereck and I ah started playing Scrabble,
and ah they put the drip on me to induce me to start the labor,
were playing Scrabble,
I get a seven letter word,
I go out,
I get this magnificent points.
and at that ph - that exact point that I went out,
the labor started.
and it came on.
with an epidural it comes on.
sorry not with an epidural with a drip,
it comes on really hard.
So the pains were unbelievable.
and not to be to graphic

so what sorry,
go on continue.

ya not to be to graphic but,
what they used to do when I had Maggie is that they would give you an enema,
so they would clear your system out,
which they hadn't with Rebecca,
and so,
I was.
in a mess,
and the doctor was there,
it was very embarrassing,
and eh not for you know they didn't care I guess it happens all the time,
but I felt very embarrassed.
and the pains were unbelievable,
and after about the third pain,
if not the second I screamed,
I want an epidural.
give me an epidural.
because I'd gone in planning,
to have an epidural.
like because I just wasn't I just wasn't,
going to go through that again.
and they brought somebody in he was a student,
and they were teaching him how to give epidurals,
and he gave it to me,
and I started to,
faint pass out,
ah my blood pressure was dropping really badly,
and so they had to put oxygen on,
so the whole thing was a little traumatic.

sounds terrible

with her it was was scary,
like the whole thing was pretty scary with her.
and ah - ah she was born.
I went in in the morning after my doctors appointment and she was born at 6:15 that afternoon.
she was just so incredible,
and I I asked them again that I wanted to have her immediately,
ah to breast feed her.
and ah she ah she just grabbed on,
and fed very quickly.
which is unusual cuz,
your my milk wasn't really in,
your milk doesn't come in right away.
but there is ah the idea of of nursing was just a natural,
with some babies that's a real problem,
it was real natural with her.
and ah,
and that was it,
with Rebecca.
so it was it was actually,
the most trying,
of thee a of the births because,
you know all these things were going wrong,
the pain from the needle.
and the needle didn't really take so I was still having the contractions,
and ah it wasn't it wasn't great.