((I initially had this posted under God, but I think it fits in better here.))

God. Does He/She/It exist? I won't lie to you, I personally have no goddamned idea. I have a few speculations, though. For the sake of brevity, I'll only share three of them.

One. God is not good. God doesn't give a flying fuck whether we all live or die. No, strike that- he'd much rather see us all dead. That way he doesn't have to put up with our endless whining on why all this had to happen. Basically, God as The Almighty Bastard. The only difference between God and Satan is that Satan's willing to at least offer us something for all our work on his behalf.

Two. God is incompetent. God has no clue on how to run the world. As we all know, crappy help is always worse than no help at all.

And finally... Three. God is on vacation and the universe is being run by lackeys. Currently, God is sitting on the Edge of the Abyss holding an alcoholic drink with an umbrella in it in the Omnipotent Hand, watching the pretty colors go by. His two lackeys, Fate and Chance, are too busy bickering with each other (let's not forget the plotting and backstabbing, of course) to get anything of worth accomplished. Occasionally it amuses them to play with the humans, but that's about it.

Hmmm, two Rants in one day, I must be getting testy. Let's see if I pull off a third....

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