If there's one thing I have to admit about Political Asylum, it's that it gives me room to practice one of my favorite hobbies, Creative Cursing. Creative Cursing is similar to Creative Taunting (which can be heard in the famous French scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail). Creative Cursing reached its high point in antiquity; no one could fling a good curse like a Roman prostitute (or politician, same difference).
Here are a few examples of creative cursing. Feel free to add any of your own. I'm fairly sure my list will grow with time.

May you be covered in leprosy and boils as you dwell in a cesspit of despair for your stupidity.

May your intestines rot in gangrenous filth as small children beat you with sticks.

May your corpse be left to decay upon the face of the earth as dogs and crows ravage the remains. (okay, okay, this one's not mine, I stole it from the Iliad...You have to admit, though, it has a nice ring to it.)

May your eyes be torn from your skull by rampaging monkeys as they defecate in your hair.

Vegans- May mice burrow into their stomach cavity as red-hot pokers are shoved through their eyelids and bloody steak is slid down their throats.

Stupid people- May their tiny brains swell and explode as they are hung over a fiery pit of death.

May their esophagus be crushed by a midget wielding a holy spork.

etc, etc. More to come later.

This has been a Curse of the Day moment. Curse of the Day- an affiliate of the BASN.