I'm back in Málaga from Madrid now. I LOVED Madrid, though it´s far too huge to do everyone (er-- I mean everything) in one weekend. I would love to come back; I´ll look into prices and schedules for this weekend, I may very well go back again, though it´s about 400+ km away.

I spent most of my time in Chueca, Madrid´s gayborhood. It turned out that my German friend who said he lived in Madrid actually lives in a suburb of Madrid called Alcobendas, 25 kilometers outside of the city. I came to Madrid in part to enjoy the nightlife, so I came to the center of Madrid and checked into a hotel instead. Not a hostal; a hotel. I am disgustingly picky when it comes to sleeping accommodations. I must have my privacy, I must be comfortable, and I must feel safe if I am to achieve sleep.

My German friend and I went to some random bar, got the scoop from the bartender about where to go to find the pretty people, and started walking around to kill some time, since Madrileños party so damn late here! (Which is AWESOME, BTW). The parties START at 03.30, and go until 09.00 or 10.00. I was WAY overdressed for the gay nightlife scene here, which was suprising, since I had always read and heard that Madrid was the leading overly-fashion-conscious city of Spain.

But I also looked a little out of place -- very guiri -- because I was wearing, like, New York style clubwear, and everybody else was wearing jeans and T-shirts. I was expecting it to be like a fashion show up in here -- remember how worried I was about shopping for clothes before my trip? The good news is that my haircut issue is all fixed because my hair grows fast.

I went to this club called Ohm, and a few bars, I met a very sweet guy, Alvarro, and he was my Madrid nightlife guide and companion. And I would love to go back. I just may do so this weekend.

I LOVE SPAIN. And Spain loves me back.