One thing that people forget, time and time again, when putting up arguments like this is that a majority of the music that people chose to listen to is large-budget, commercial music. Yes, somebody can make real music in their garage, with a reasonable ammount of expenditure and effort. But, what's topping the charts right now? Overproduced boy bands, and sugary sweet bubblegum pop music. I'm sorry, but it takes a lot of work to make somebody who sounds like Britney Spears safe to listen to.

The listening public has been spoiled, and I doubt the average pop music fan could stomach a lo-fi garage recording, having been raised on the output of multi-million dollar studios, and recordings produced by uber-engineers who could turn my wet farts into a top 40 hit.

Yeah, I've got no love for the price gouging, media manipulating bastards at the RIAA, but then again, I really don't listen to much of what they release. Piracy is one way to deal with the situation, but, if you look at the history of the C=64, Atari and the Amiga, one large reason that the platforms went under was because of rampant piracy. I won't miss commercial music, but will you?