I will never forget this line, seeing as it was carved deeply into my brain by my sixth grade teacher. He would continuously shout it at anyone who didn't quite pick up on a lesson he was teaching, after they would ask a question.

It was his answer to everything, because he thought himself to be too superior to his position as sixth grade teacher to actually teach.

I thought people got into an elementary school position to teach for the love of passing on knowledge to children and who they hope to be the future. I hope to god most of my generation isn't the future, I know those people, I know how they are. But maybe with time they'll get a bit smarter and think about long-term issues as well as the present.

Not to say the present isn't important, because it is, more than anything, but I digress.

My sixth grade teacher was a bitter old man with a stupid catch phrase, and that is all I can think to say about this out-dated platitude.