note: I havent bothered to write this up it's just a copy of something I wrote on a website for my friends about my first(and only salvia divinorum trip)

I remember taking the big hit from the JD bong (I have a bong that looks like a Jack Daniels bottle) and the next thing I knew it felt like I'd woken up from a dream(my life) and instead I was someone else, matrix-style, in a whole other world. This world had really strong colours, there were no shades and everything looked very bold. I thought that it must just be the salvia but I thought about my (new) life and could remember a whole host of memories (I can't remember any now but they were very convincing). Then I spent a few minutes thinking how fucked up it was my whole life was a dream then I think somoene said (one of my friends) "are you enjoying your trip" because the words "are you enjoying your trip" appeared infront of me(I couldnt feel my body or anything at this time I was just like a kind of floaty something) in a strong blue colour against a pink background, when I looked closely at the T I saw loads of little eyes in it and realised that it was made up of loads of little people and that one of those people was me...! The word started to recede really jumpily and the real world came into view but all I knew was that I was a bit of this T and the whole point of my life was to make up this T and that as I went back into real life I was going to die(the T-person) and I got heavy Fear. The words started to get really small and I got back into my head and body and realised I wanted out and that my hoody was holidng me into the trip so then I ripped it off (funny note: I was in a punt with my friends at the time and they thought I was trying to get naked and just out of the boat into the freezing cold water) and fully regained real conciousness. That was pretty much it apart from a stoned kind of feeling (where I laughed a lot at stupid things and had pretty heavy paranoia).

I felt very cold, much colder than it really was and wanted to leave fast. My experience freaked me out for a while, and I think that if you use salvia you have to understand that it is more of a hallucinogen than a normal drug, in that the images are very convincing and make you think they are real. I think that this whole experience took ten minutes or maybe less. I'm still trying to find out what I was physically doing while I was detached from my body, although I'm told I went very limp and started feeling my friend's girlfriend. :)

I also spilt bong water on myself.