An old computer game from the eighties. You control a gun turret in the centre of the screen with the <-, ->, and space keys.

The object is to shoot down passing helicopters dropping paratroopers onto the ground who are going to destroy your turret. Bombers occasionally fly across the screen and attempt to drop bombs on your turret.

1 point is scored for killing an airborne paratrooper, 5 points for a helicopter, 10 for a bomb and 50 for a bomber. 1 point is lost for every shell fired, so some degree of care must be exercised to obtain a high score.

The game ends when a bomb hits your turret (all bombs make a direct hit with your turret if not shot), or if 5 troopers amass on either side of your turret (where a cool little animation of the troopers jumping on each other shoulders to scale the ledge the turret is on). Troopers on the ground can be killed by shooting a parachute of an airborne trooper above a trooper on the ground, letting the airborne trooper fall on top of the other trooper, killing both.

Sported one of the coolest tunes ever to be played on a PC speaker!