Four hours til I have to be up, and I'm pretty much wide awake; which is not to say that I'm not tired, only that it's impossible for me to sleep. Of course, sleeping to 10AM yesterday, and drinking a Mountain Dew Code Red and two Sunkists soon before bed probably didn't help matters. Nor did this throbbing headache (which was probably made worse by the caffeine).

Seven hours til my midterm in Problems of Democracy. I still haven't read the last three chapters of Dahl for it. Thankfully, we went over it in class, so if any of the material is on the test, I won't be totally clueless about it.

The first case of West Nile in Maricopa county showed up yesterday - two miles from my house. Which means that when I get a headache or feel dizzy or nauseous, I'm going to get paranoid and hypochondriacal (er, you know what I mean) and think I'm coming down with it. Or not.

Maybe I should take some warm milk or something. And some Ibuprofen or something for my head.