I am having the shittiest of weeks. Good thing it's almost over.

So far:

  • Sunday, My main computer's power supply died and neither the CD player in the living room nor the one in my stereo are working properly. (I know it's the players and not the CD, because the one I used to test them - the eponymous Boy Hits Car album - still plays properly in another CD player, and has played in those two on previous occasions. Still, they might just need to be cleaned.)
  • Monday and Tuesday... nothing much happened. But Wednesday my ears got very badly sunburned, and I had to drive back to work (about 17 miles, almost all on surface streets) after forgetting to turn in a form they supposedly needed that day.
  • Thursday, some dihydrogen monoxide spilled on a cool little battery-operated clock I have (or rather, had), irreperably damaging the LCD. I guess when I go to Fry's Electronics for a power supply, I'll check to see if they have another of those (and how much they want for it). Also, some pigeons apparently decided the clothes I had hanging outsided doubled as toilet paper.
  • Today, I got lost twice during work due to them giving me a map which, I presume, should say "circa 1975" somewhere on it. I then came home to find the monitor to my secondary computer was dead.

    I'm a little apprehensive about driving to work tomorrow, for fear my radio will explode.