I’m thankful for
my family
Because that’s what you have to be

Because you can tell them anything
without even a hint
of hesitation
Because all your
matter to them
because they want to know

Because you can
see them in their underwear
or less
because they’ve seen you
In the very same state
And no one cares

Because if they disagree with you
you can argue with them

Because they’ll go with you places
if you ask nicely
And you can go places that you’ve never
thought to go
because of them

Because you have family secrets
and you guard them with your lives
under torture
and threat
you never reveal them
they would do the same for you

Because you can be yourself
and they love you anyway
Because you can be in a bad mood
and they understand
And of course
Because you love them

This is what family is supposed to be