DAYLOG: February 13, 2007

Y'know, so come on, world, cheer up, it may never bloody happen!

Sure, global warming might kill us all, our president can’t make up his mind, and the world has yet to declare peace, despite many recent outbreaks of protest from beauty queens the world over. We still can’t cure cancer, or HIV, or mental retardation.

But y’know what? The world isn’t that bad. Besides all the bad press lately, mankind could be doing a lot worse. We could be a species of drooling, lazy monkey beings whose greatest achievement was evolving chairs on our backs in protest of sitting on the ground, or for the more intelligent, discerning monkey-men, a tree branch. We could have allowed our society evolve into a dystopia (scary concept) or simply skipped government altogether and chosen instead to live as a society of unstoppable violence and disease. And as much as some governments make mistakes, there are still police policing, and firefighters firefighting, nurses nursing and so on. For so much we haven’t done, we’ve made it up by trying to make the world better through helping others. So maybe maybe 10% of the world is really trying to not help others, so what? 90% is trying, even if they don’t do it in the right way or the best way. It’s still something to be thankful for.