Title: Theme Songs
Artist: Foibles
Album: Solid Rock Baptist Church Rummage Sale
Written by: Phil Dumesnil

The twenty-fourth track on Solid Rock Baptist Church Rummage Sale by Foibles, a San Francisco lo-fi band. Beginning with just a muted vocal line and acoustic guitar, the accordian comes in after the first verse, and bass and drums join in as the whole song is repeated at approximately double pace.

Quite clearly a diatribe against commercialism and merchandising, the song is ironically upbeat and very bubblegum pop-esque. Phil is being sincere with the lyrics, and his actions follow his words, as I found out through personal experience. Having heard "Becky Never Left San Francisco" and "World's Biggest Most Dangerous Lily Pad" on a cover CD of an obscure magazine, my friend and I desperately scoured the local music stores, online retailers, and auction sites for copies of the album. Eventually we gave up and sent an email to the address listed for the band in the magazine CD inlay, asking where to get a copy of the Foibles album.

The reply we received was:

at the moment the foibles album (almost) doesn't exist - well ... it
does ... but ... only in a storage closet.

if you e-mail me back with your mailing address
i'd be more than willing to send you a free copy
Why Free: (?)
because money is for the rich

And despite our protestations, he wouldn't even take postage costs ("I've got wallpaper made from postage stamps").

Theme Songs

Ths is the theme song
From the tombstone
For the ice show
Of the pop-up book based on
A popular catchphrase coined by the makers
Of theme songs everywhere

(Repeat verse)

Promise to keep it, will you?
Promise to sleep on it
Never mind the fact that you're on
Money fucks the hand-me-downs
So nothing is original now

(Repeat whole song faster)