Scully's Theme is a piece of music composed by Mark Snow. Snow wrote most of the music for the long-running show The X-Files, but seemingly to signify the beginning of a new era for the show, he wrote Scully's Theme.

We heard it first in the seventeenth episode of Season 7, "all things". The episode was written and directed by Gillian Anderson, and it was in this episode that we first saw Dana Scully portrayed intimately and defencelessly without Mulder by her side. The next season continues in this vein. Scully's Theme is played again in the first episode of Season 8, the first season in which David Duchovny is billed mainly as a guest star.

Scully's Theme is a beautiful piece of music. Snow takes a haunting recording of a woman's voice singing the words "we are near" over and over again, distorts it and sets it against a background of strings and computer-generated music. I see it as an indicator that, as Mulder and Scully's stories come to a close in the final seasons of the show, we are going to journey deeper into Scully's life, which as of yet we know all too little about. I also find in it a suggestion that she's no longer just the sceptical little girl with the big brain who we saw early on in the series, but a vulnerable and lonely young woman who is hopelessly and desperately in love.

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