i slept till 3pm today. my alarm went of at 12 but apparently i fell asleep again. so the first thing i did was to go out with my dog and for once i let her loose. i was surprised hos obedient she got when she wasn't leashed. she came to me when i told her to, she didn't run up to every person that walked by, she didn't even drink from puddles. yeah. i was really surprised. maybe i should let her lose more often. actually i think the same thing concern us humans.

my parents were really liberal people that didn't set up many rules, didn't force me to do stuff, never punished me and didn't preach about every little single thing i did wrong. now i'm 18 years old. and i love my parents. we almost never fight. i have allways done the stuff they have asked me nicely to do without any argument really. and i'm starting to think that maybe they liberal upbringing of me actually made me more of a "good son".

i think that the majority of kids today have pretty strict or very stricts parents and they do nothing for their parents and don't care what the hell they're saying to them. they really hate them. you don't do anything for someone you hate. i belive it's better to raise your kids to actually love you and not fight with you every single day. it's better for both parts. at least i will not so strict when raising my future son or daughter.