So it is finally here. After nearly a decade of begging, screaming, ranting, threatening and mindless resorting to every know trick in the "Ultimate Guide to getting Stuff out of your parents !!", I finally get my own computer. Rather surprising, considering the fact that by now I am a second year college student majoring in Computer Science.

All these years of hard-work, perseverance and a never-say-die attitude have finally resulted in this silicon etched plastic ensconced in a sleek silver body that I now have sitting before me.

And then suddenly from deep within the fear rises. What do I do next ??
What if I am not good enough and never actually make it in a field which so long I believed to be my one and only true calling ?
What happens if I too slip into obscurity much like the million others before me ?
And what of the expectations that they all have from me ?

These thoughts, they pervade every inch of my senses from morn to night. Is damnation mine forever or is there still hope in this seemingly eternal void.