Peacekeeper Social Engineering:
-1 Efficiency
One extra talent for every four citizens
Gets double votes in planetary council elections
Can exceed population limits by two
Agression: Erratic
Agenda: Democratic
Aversion: Police State
Leader: Commissioner Pravin Lal

The Peacekeepers are probably the most powerful overall of the original seven SMAC factions. Although they don't have any positive Social Engineering benefits, their sole negative is easily worked around, and their other benefits are very powerful indeed. The doubling of council votes almost guarantees that you will get to be the Planetary Governer, which increases your income through commerce and gives you automatic infiltration into every faction, a very powerful ability. Because of the lack of bonuses or penalties to either the military or economy, you can easily be either agressive or defensive with the Peacekeepers, though you will not usually be the absolute best at either one. The free talents are also a very powerful ability, especially on Transcend difficulty, where controlling drones can be difficult. Finally, the relaxed population limit alows you to Population Boom up to larger bases sizes than anyone else, which can rapidly give you a big advantage.