In the News:
There's some discussion about a thing called InTether which seems to me like it's implemented at a device driver layer to encrypt data and possibly destroy data stored in a system if attempts at a higher, application layer keep failing to provide the correct cryptographic key for the data in question. So-called self-destructing crypto. How does this system prevent me from booting up in DOS, Linux, FreeBSD, etc. and making a raw snapshot of the data and performing an analysis of the encrypted data statically?

How often do people find others they genuinely like and lust over? When you find such a person, but then within the span of just a few weeks they seem a bit nervous and don't say the right things all the time, should you really just move on? Why not give them a second chance, just for kicks? Why not? What if they were just really nervous for those few weeks, or if they're just a little slow and need more time than average to get to know and understand people before they can be in sync with them? And if they act abnormally sad and confused, they might just act more stupid because they're not given the second chance they really want. Everything about relationships takes a little bit of work. Maybe it's wrong to keep assuming that if things aren't instantly perfect that one should just move on right away. Maybe you caught a really compatible person in the middle of a few bad moods. And having no compassion to ask what was wrong and work through those bad moods and no sensitivity to a fragile soul just being really scared caused you to overlook someone wonderful.