Ah, October 16, 2000, the blissful day of the remembrance of my birth of 17 years ago. It's just been one hell of a day.

Notable Notables

  • My girlfriend had me on hold last night with this guy I hate and he's trying to take her from me. (Ohhhh, fun stuff there.)
  • She lied about it and said that her mom got a call to, but I, on the other line, had no disconnections, or bleeps, or anything, so that told me it was one call the entire time.
  • I caught her in the lie.
  • She acted really apologetic and guilty afterwards.
  • She claims to have no feelings for him, so I told her to stop talking to him ASAP, but she's not that way, so she'll do it 'nicely'.
  • And now I'm depressed.
  • None of the people in anyone of my classes knows it's my birthday so that's depressing to.

    One hell of a day.

    I hope things get better today.

    5 hrs. Later:

  • My girlfriend broke all ties with the guy I hate.
  • I'm going to go to Gameworks tonight.
  • I got a birthday cake at school.

    One hell of a day, indeed.