Disclaimer- I would like to say that after being a part of IT for well over 9 years now, I really, really, hate this node that I've made, and wish it away, but, in the end, would like to keep it around for memories of my own... ignorance. In the end, this is a pointless procedure, no more than a placebo.

How to Overclock Your Modem

First, you will have to do a little registry editing for this to work...but if you've never done any before...it's a piece of cake!

  • 1)Go to start button>run , and type "regedit". Your computer's registry will appear before you, ready to be hacked....
  • 2)Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>System>CurrentControlSet>Services>Class>Modem and find the modem you are using (if you only have one modem installed, it will be the only one there...)
  • 3)Under Modem there should be a folder called Responses...it may be different for some modems, but you are looking for the folder with the dial-up codes in it. Click on each folder until you see the one with the codes.
  • 4)As you scroll down the connect codes, you will see a string of numbers that looks like this:
    02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
    These are your connection codes for your modem to make a connection with the ISP. These are the numbers you want to change.
  • 5)First, find the highest connection speed that is on the list. It will probably be 115200K. Now, look out beside it at the number code. My modem's 115200K code looks like this:
    02 00 00 c2 01 00 00 00 00 00
    This tells the modem to connect at 115200K when it dials up, and if that connection speed is not available, the ISP's server will give you the highest connection speed they've got...
  • 6) Now, your job is simple. Right click on each one of the connection speed titles that the code string begins with 02, and select "modify". When the modify box pops up, change the number you see to match the number for your 115200K connect code. Do this for every connection speed offered, and only the one's that start with the 02 string, so that they all read the same.
  • 7) Reboot, and your done! It takes a little time...about 30 minutes...but the end result is worth it. If you mess up a number, or want to put your modem back the way it was, that's easy, too. Just go to Control Panel>Modem, click on your modem and hit remove. Now, when you reboot, your computer will detect your modem, reinstall it for you, and all registry settings are back to normal.

    -= HOW IT WORKS =-

    When you dial up to the internet, your modem contacts the server for your ISP. It asks the ISP for a connection speed that it can connect with, and the ISP returns with a code for a given speed. Your modem checks it's registry codes for a code that is close to what the ISP gave it, and returns with an answer. This negotiation continues until a common code is reached, and you are allowed to connect. What you just did above narrows your modem's options. It will continue to send a 115200K connection code until the ISP reaches it's highest connection speed, which your modem will then settle for, and you will be connected. Since this is the highest speed your ISP will let you connect at, you really can't ask for more!

    You can always reset your modem back to factory defaults with little problem, and I've never seen or heard of a modem becoming damaged by doing this... but just for my peace of mind, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE!

    Just one last note: This will NOT get you a 112k connection. All this will do is make sure you get the fastest connection speed you can get.