The alter ego of Jonny McGovern who has a passion for all things athletic, half naked, and male. The Gay Pimp has starred in a number of shows and multimedia works. Noteably, Dirty Stuff which gives the backstory of Gay Pimp as the subconcious turned concious personality in Jimmy, a closeted college student.

Gay Pimp then evolved into the world's first gay pop star in Grindhouse A-Go-Go's production of "The Wrong Fag to Fuck With". Pissed off by the violently anti-homosexual lyrics in Eminem songs, Gay Pimp confronts him at the MTV Video Music Awards and the stage is set for a showdown. This showdown takes the form of Gay Pimp arranging a meeting between Eminem and his estranged lover Vanilla Ice. Truly heartwarming.

The next production to feature Gay Pimp was another Grindhouse A-Go-Go production of "Velvet Rope Smackdown" which, using a similar bad guy vs. Gay Pimp formula, pitted our hero against the Manhattan socialite turned person-runner-over who eventually served a mere 40 some-odd days in a minimum security prison, Lizzy Grubman. Lizzy threatens to buy a community center teetering on the edge of bankruptcy (which happens to have been run into the ground by an alcoholic Scott Baio). When the adorable breakdancing orphans who frequent the community center summon Gay Pimp, he becomes their reluctant saviour. VRS is especially noteable because it features the return of everyone's favorite blaxploitation diva, Chocolate Puddin'.

Dirty Gay Teenpop Superstars In Concert cemented Gay Pimp's position as the premier imaginary gay teenpop superstar in the world. It featured all of the songs from his album, Dirty Gay Hits performed in a Britney Spears style stadium concert environment. It featured tons of scantily clad jocks, twinks, trannies, and even a few straight guys thrown in for good measure.

The music video for "Soccer Practice" was Gay Pimp's breakout hit. It was nominated for the Music Video Production Association award for Best Video under $25,000. The video's debut was recorded on the Club Video Chart with a ranking of #5 in the country. It was downloaded from Gay Pimp's website ( ) over 150,000 times since it's appearance in February, 2003. It is still the gayest music video available to the public as of this writing.

No one knows what lies ahead for Gay Pimp. There is word of another music video in the works for "Lookin' Cute/Feelin' Cute", a song from Dirty Gay Hits. Beyond that remains entirely uncertain. One can only hope that whatever Gay Pimp decides to do will be fun, glamorous, exciting, sexy, and sporty. That it seems, is a safe bet.

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