The new Dodge Neon SRT (Supercharged R/T) is the next generation of Neon racers. It's still in the "beta" phase but a upcoming release is looking good. The 2L SOHC, 4VPS (Valves per Cyinder) compact has 137 lb.-ft of torque at 4500rpm but the horse power has not been disclosed (I'm guessing 200+hp because of the 45 cubic inch supercharger). It will be available as a 5 speed manual transmission and it will have a est. weight of 2603lbs. Over all it looks like a sweet racer, and Lord knows, I'll have one in the first 6 weeks of production, and at $20,000 to $22,000, I can afford it!


Update: The Neon Will have 180 Hp w/o intercooler and 245 w/intercooler.