Today was really interesting in the chatter box.

I destroyed --OutpostMir--'s home!

Proud of this... I am not.

I promise to the Everything2 Community that the Future EDB that dwells within me will never resurface. Never again in the history of E2 will he/she/it will it come back.

Well here it is again...

Notable Notables

  • The girlfriend got a new child development project. Fun stuff. It's a flower baby... but every time I try to open it and soak it.. she gets pissed... wonder why...?
  • Tired as hell is the phrase of the day. For some reason... I've just been tired as hell. No late noding... just exhausted.
  • Computer Networking went deep today with Routing Protocols. Fun stuff. Don't understand it for beans... hope to get it down soon... lots of late night studying. Joy.

    Well that's today.... I wonder about tomorrow..... hum.....