I found a dead bird on the patio of the computer science building at FIU, where I work, today. It had just died; it was perfectly intact. It had beauitful black and white feathers, and felt soft in my hand, and so light it practically felt like it wasn't there. Poor thing. It was probably some type of sparrow. I spread its wings gently, and admired the beauitful construction of them... Perfection. Every feather there, perfectly preened as if this bird was frozen in time. Its eyes were stuck open, almost appearing to gaze in desperation. I wonder how it died.

I contemplated what to do with it, not wanting to leave it there on the patio to decompose into a smelly mess... So I took it over to some bushes and laid it to rest there. I was a bit sad for the next few hours; the bird probably died before its time.