Film: Timecode
Year: 2000
Rating: 2/5
Summary: An interesting novelty, but not an interesting story.

Timecode is impressive in many ways, but that doesn't matter because the people who made it failed to remember one of the most basic rules of filmmaking: don't tell a simple story in an interesting way; tell an interesting story in a simple way.

It's filmed in just four shots, much like Alfred Hitchcock's Rope appears to be filmed in just one, only you see all four shots simultaneously, constantly watching the point of view of four separate characters. It's impressive that four shots as long as an entire film each were performed without mistakes, without even getting a cameraman in shot when they intersect. At the end of the day, however, I don't watch films to be impressed by the crew who made them. I watch films to be entertained, and in that context, this is nothing more than a mere novelty.

If you're an aspiring director or actor, then maybe this film will interest you - especially as it's self referencing, set in the office of the film company who made it - but I see it as further proof that the screenplay writer is more important than the director when it comes to making a good film. Unless you're really into Hollywood itself, you'd be best off avoiding this one.