Hollywood could never have made this film. There is a lot of talk these days about the spin that is put on by politicians in order to twist the angle of a statistic, a policy or a headline. This film is so brilliantly directed by Pedro Almovar that the viewer grows to love the films most immoral character. It is hard not to feel a touch of compassion for Benigno after we discover what he has been up to on those long nights with coma-patient Alicia. One laves the film realising that Benigno had in all reality done a very brutal and disgusting thing. If when you open your next open your paper you discover a real life story similar to this, you will most probably vomit in your soup. Rightfully. Almodovar’s new film is original, cleverly directed and tear jerking.

The story is set around two protagonists who come together because their love for a coma patient; Benigno is a lonely but passionate nurse who takes on the interests of his coma-patient, Marco is a journalist who’s bullfighting girlfriend lies in a coma in the neighbouring ward. They form an improbable but unbreakable bond of friendship. Although seemingly devoid of mutual interests, they spend hours together recounting stories from their life and led by Benigno speaking to people who have no idea they’re there. Benigno incessantly delivers news to his charge and never tires in his duty to her. The care and love with which he goes about his job are awe-inspiring. Marco is, other than Alicia, his only true friend and as their friendship grows, so does Benigno’s relationship with his own sexuality. His love transcends the sex of Marco and is more pure and innocent than more common love.

I cannot find the words to describe the power of this film. It’s strong imagery and emotional current suck you into the story. You will feel spent having seen it. Spurn the American toss: this is real cinema.

(my rudeness to american film is obviously a sweeping statement, Hollywood does produce good films - just in an extremely low density.)

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