ZZ Top song from the 1975 album Fandango. "Tush" is Texas-slang for "Dee-luxe".

Tush (?), interj.

An exclamation indicating check, rebuke, or contempt; as, tush, tush! do not speak of it.

Tush, say they, how should God perceive it? Bk. of Com. Prayer (Ps. lxxiii. 11).


© Webster 1913.

Tush, n. [OE. tusch, AS. tusc; akin to OFries. tusk, tusch, and probably to AS. t&omac;&edh; tooth. See Tooth, and cf. Tusk.]

A long, pointed tooth; a tusk; -- applied especially to certain teeth of horses.


© Webster 1913.

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