EDIT: As of December 3, 2014, there are plans being made to move the entire TGWTG site into a new website named after Channel Awesome. As of now the site is fully functional, but there is still being work done behind the scenes, and the old ThatGuyWithTheGlasses site is still up.

(Darn people, changing things just after I did a WU of it. Grumble grumble.)

Launched in April of 2008, That Guy with the Glasses is a website founded by brothers Rob and Doug Walker, Mike Ellis, and and Mike Michaud that hosts a lot of pop culture review shows.

The site originally hosted just Doug Walker's videos-- the Nostalgia Critic, 5 Second Movies, Bum Reviews (wherein Doug Walker's character, Chester A. Bum enthusiastically recaps movies in such a way to look like extravagant praise, but also points out the flaws. All movies are "the greatest movie (he's) ever seen in (his) life!")-- after they had been removed repeatedly from Youtube for copyright infringement. However, the site has rapidly expanded to hosting reviewers of different media and genres (though usually visual media). The parent company, Channel Awesome, also opened up a section of the site called Blistered Thumbs that hosts video game reviews and let's plays and a section called Inked Reality for anime, manga, and comic reviews. Originally, these two were supposed to be their own individual spin-off websites, but the plans never went through.

Some of the more popular review shows include:

* Linkara, a comic book reviewer with a multiple series plot arcs. While the Nostalgia Critic and other reviewers occasionally delve into giving their characters stories, Linkara's videos are the most plot-heavy and continuous, with the review taking up the first half of the video and series plot taking up the latter half (except for breather episodes between big story arcs where it's just the review alone).

* The Nostalgia Chick, who started as a distaff counterpart to the Critic's reviews, doing all the nostalgic girly stuff he didn't watch as a kid. She has since expanded her reviewing territory to... Anything she wants, including Michael Bay movies, Will Smith movies, boy bands of the 90's, the Les Miserables musicals, and more.

* Nash, who does a weekly radio show called What The Fuck Is Wrong With You wherein he and his costar Tara talk about fucking weird news stories, as well as themed reviews. His older reviews include original series Doctor Who and The Musical Chair where he discusses old musicians. His most recent series is Here There Be Dragons, where he reviews fantasy movies of the 80's.

* The Cinema Snob, who parodies the quintessential snotty pretentious art-house film critics and reviews exploitation movies, B horror films, and the Turkish bootleg versions of everything. Out of character, Brad Jones (the dude who plays the Snob) also has several other video series on his own website, as well as a series of Midnight Screenings of him and his friends as themselves recording extemporaneous reviews in the back of their cars after just watching movies released at midnight.

* Todd in the Shadows, who reviews pop culture music.

* Oancitizen who reviews art house movies.

-- As well as many (many!) others.

The reviewers on TGWTG often do crossovers with one another, appearing in each other's videos either physically (for those who live near each other or can afford to travel) or via webcam and clever editing. After you start watching some of the series for a while, you start to get a feel for how this weird Reviewniverse works and what the character's relationships are with each other-- something that basically fuels the website's annual crossover anniversary events.