Headline: TreeLoot Coverup Scam - TreeLoot Plays "Hide The Monkey"

I got gyped by TreeLoot. You see, my friend had recently received a plush boxing TreeLoot monkey in the mail, and it became a source of envy from me. I mean hey, who wouldn't want a free monkey, right? So I set out playing their inane tree-based game. I eventually earned enough of their play money to buy the stuffed monkey ($1000) in their store (the only other things to buy are promotional offers...*shudder*). So I purchase my monkey, and I'm set.

Or am I?

3 months later...no monkey. My simian envy turned to rage. It was then I decided to "shake the tree". OMITTED(Sorry folks :P). Using this method, I shook till I had $1000 for yet another monkey.

They had removed the monkey from the buy list.

Those bastards slightly-less-of-a-bastards! They covered up the whole monkey offer, as if the furry ape hadn't even existed--yet I had seen the truth! I even documented proof last time! (http://zagg.home.mindspring.com/bwahaha.jpg) This incensed me to no end. Therefore, I provide this "shake the tree" method as free range to anyone who has been ripped off/jaded/scammed by TreeLoot.

Note: The author is not responsible for wasted time at inane websites, or any action the reader takes from suggestions related to in this text. Aren't disclaimers fun?


Well, it seems someone at TreeLoot has their head screwed on right, guess what I got today in the mail, not 2 days after posting this message (and nearly a year after the whole monkey fiasco): The coveted TreeLoot Monkey. Perhaps someone at TreeLoot uses E2 and saw my little complaint, and decided to act upon it. Now that I have my monkey I can stop bitching. Subsequently, my "shake the tree" method will now be removed.

Carpe Simian!