Programming is more than a mere idea. It is a way of life. Technically, it is the creation of software. However, such a task is meant to be more than just mundane diversion. It is a supreme challenge through which peace and order are maintained.

Often becoming an ongoing circle of coding and debugging one ultimately finds, in programming, the ability to explore new worlds of possibilities for generating error messages. One can quickly understand why programming is, under normal circumstances, analogous to hitting one's head on a brick wall.

However, this concept of programming does more than generate massive concussion and obnoxious headache for those involved. It is a key in making the best out of life. Ideally, it is an outlet for creativity in the design of software, but, more than that, it is a process of finding ultimate solutions to insurmountable problems. This is why programmers should be respected throughout society, and why geeks should not be spat upon by those who do not wish to understand. People should love programmers and treat them with kindness as they go about solving the problems of the universe.

Programming is the powerful, but poorly understood force that is used to control a realm of infinite possibility. This universe is plagued by an epidemic of bad software. However, a glimmer of hope stands out in this universe... it is the concept of open source. Programmers now have unprecedented tools at their disposal at virtually no cost in a powerful operating system, known as Linux.