The Killer7 Syndicate's weapons are as follows:

Garcian Smith - P230 automatic pistol equipped with a suppressor.

Dan Smith - Gray-finished Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver with aftermarket or customized grips.

MASK de Smith - Two modified and customized M79 grenade launchers with barrels and stocks sawn down.

KAEDE Smith - A .45 caliber AMT Hardballer with attatched scope.

Con Smith - Two Glock 18s, law enforcement fully-automatic variants of semi-automatic 17s. Both are set in 9mm.

Coyote Smith - A top-break Enfield Mk. 2 revolver in, most likely, .38 Short. He also fires custom, high-power hand-loaded bullets, though that's not adviseable in older firearms used to lower pressures.

Kevin Smith - A seemingly endless supply of throwing knives and a large, long-bladed knife only used in close-quarters combat.