CSI: Miami is a television series that first aired in September of 2002 and regularly aired on Mondays at 9pm central time (it was later syndicated internationally to varying times). It was one of the highlights of the CBS network's prime time lineup for its time. Naturally, CSI: Miami takes place in Miami, Florida and in its second year of broadcast, the series boasted being the most watched series in America. The series depicts fictional cases of the Miami, Florida police department's Crime Scene Investigations unit. The show stars David Caruso as Lieutenant Horatio "H" Caine. Also starring in supporting or feature roles are the beautiful blond Emily Procter as ballistics expert Calleigh Duquesne, Adam Rodriguez as Eric Delko, Khandi Alexander as Chief Medical Examiner and Doctor Alexx Woods, Rory Cochrane as Timothy 'Speed' Speedle, and Sofia Milos who plays detective Yelina Salas.

Kim Delaney was Megan Donner in the first ten episodes of the first season, but seems to have since disappeared. Critics often charge that a weakness of the series after her departure is that David Caruso has become the primary focus of the series, being it's predominant star power. If that's the case, Caruso's melodramatic performance hasn't seemed to adversely affect ratings. He must being doing something right.

Despite Caruso's occasional tendencies to steal the limelight, this talented ensemble cast successfully maneuvers through complex dialogue that'd make a college professor stumble. They manage to entertain audiences with scripts that keep the plot moving forward despite the bombardment of brain bending trivia and proverbial wild goose changes. Anything from a discarded fingernail clipping to the sweat in a baseball cap can mean case closed or back to the drawing board. There has perhaps not been as consistently entertaining, formulaic television series since Perry Mason. Oh yeah. Good times.

This franchise has been quite lucrative for CBS. CSI: Miami is actually the second of the franchise, loosely a spinoff from the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation tv series which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. CSI: Miami is but a link in the franchise chain. Starting in the fall of 2004, a third tv series called CSI: NY which will star Gary Sinise in the formulaic equivalent of Horatio or Gil Grissom, is going to be based in New York, New York.

I told you all that, so I could share this with you.

the CSI: Miami Drinking Game

    Take a swig/shot every time:
  • you see a special guest cameo from an actor who is familiar but you can't remember the name (take two swigs if you can).
  • really keen neato special effects reveal a quick flashback of how the victim died based on evidence the cast uncovers. (don't drink unless the general consensus of the room is that it was really keen neato).
  • we learn something personal about one of the investigators (like Horatio's past, or Calleigh's fear of ants)
  • you notice the color yellow used predominantly, to the point it makes you almost wince.
    Take a swig/shot every time Horatio Caine:
  • takes off his sunglasses.
  • puts on his sunglasses.
  • asks a rhetorical question.
  • gets tough. (actually this last one could leave you plastered, so use with caution)
  • has an opportunity to tell Yelina how he feels about her, and then doesn't.
    Take a swig/shot every time Calleigh Duquesne:
  • shoots a gun at a gun range.
  • shows up a fellow investigator.
  • deals patiently with a relative or friend who proves to be dumber than she.
  • is excessively polite to someone when she had valid right to be snippy.
    Take a swig/shot every time Dr. Alexx Woods:
  • talks to a corpse directly as if speaking to its soul (two swigs if she refers to the victim as 'baby' or equiv.)
  • gets shot at, almost blows up, or otherwise faces danger outside the usual job description of Medical Examiner.
    Take a swig/shot every time Timothy 'Speed' Speedle:
  • Says something, anything, as if he actually gives a crap.

Zerotime says: "I'd suggest one drink for every time Delco has to put on his wetsuit, but that would probably cause spontaneous liver damage. Another one I've noticed is Horatio saying "here's what I think happened".
CloudStrife had a good idea: "How 'bout you down another drink at the end if more than half the episode was taken up by bullet-time flashbacks, and cgi science bits? And how 'bout a drinking game for CSI:NY? :)"

If you have suggestions on what to add to this list, please msg me. Your input may find its way here.