It's worth pointing out that many of the beers have their own specially designed glasses, many of which are quite pretty.

The Pauwel Kwak glasses are probably the best, which are shaped like small yard glasses. They suffer from a certain tourist phenomenon in that any newcomer to a Belgian bar will see someone else drinking from one and then immediately want one too. You can, however, distinguish yourself from the tourists by not pouring all the liquid from the bulb at the bottom of the glass all over yourself when you finish the drink. There are also groovy four-glass-holding racks and properly yard sized glasses, but they are quite rare.

Since the glasses make such good drinking trophies, it is unlikely that they'll be seen in less alcoholically restrained countries such as Great Britain in the near future.

Other beers that are well worth trying are Chimay, Judas, Delirium Tremens and Hoegaarden Grand Cru.