A 7 member ska-core band from DC. I can't find crap about this band online. Other people are just missing out I guess. They are a rough sounding sometimes, but they rock. They are similar to Voodoo Glow Skulls in my opinion.

I first heard of this band on the compilation My Name is... from Ska Source Recordings. I didn't hear about them again until I came across the band Lanemeyer and the label for their latest album. The label, Too Hep Records, also released both of The Decepticonz albums and their 7". Soon I found an MP3 of the song Sandra off rot your brain. It has become one of my favorite songs lately, so picked up the album (just got it yesterday) and I like it. It is a bit short and rough, but good.

The band:
Adam Kirk - drums
Jorge Pezzimenti - guitar & vocals
Mark Lepusic - bass & vocals
Matt Kelly - vocals
Karl? aka Reverend Ike - sax
Sean Remson aka Big Pants - trombone
Mike Inofuentes - trumpet
rot your brain -- Too Hep Records (1998)
Robot Rock -- Too Hep Records (199?)
Get in the Ring -- Too Hep Records (199?)

www.decepticonz.com the site doesn't seem to be working.