I remember waiting in line to see my academic advisor in High School (aka, Guidance Counselor).

A girl was sitting talking to the man. "I just want to drop out."

The counselor, "Okay. Can I ask why?"


"Okay, I'll get the form."

I shit you not.

I guess I caught up on my reading, spent most of the time reading Stephen King and T.S. Eliot while the rest of the class stumbled through The Red Badge of Courage, which I finished 3 weeks before.

I walked into the office of the man who just let this girl drop out, told him I wanted to go to a four year college.

"Perhaps a community college would be appropriate for you. I'll get you a brochure."

I am now four weeks away from getting my B.A. in English at a University. I never went to a community college (nor do I have any disrespect for those that go that route).

It's not that I suffered through High School or that I didn't. It's just that often the people involved don't care.

And everyone wonders why I'm not going to be a teacher. I still want to care in five years, that's why.

That's the only real lesson I've gleaned from High School, is that most people frankly just don't give a damn.

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