This interesting Fantasy movie from 1981 was directed by Matthew Robbins. It was written by Hal Barwood and Matthew Robins. The cast includes Peter MacNicol, Caitlin Clarke, Ralph Richardson, John Hallam, Peter Eyre, Albert Salmi, Sydney Bromley, Cloe Salaman, Roger Kemp and more.

In the Dark Ages, Magic was a weapon. Love a mystery. Adventure was everywhere... And Dragons were real.

A small medieval land is plagued by one of that last dragons. All the real dragonslayers are dead. The King has made a pact with the dragon where the dragon will not destroy the kingdom if a virgin is sacrificed at regular intervals (I don't remember if it was yearly or seasonally). The virgin is selected by random in a raffle like process, where all the virgins of the land are supposed to have their name on a lot. The serfs suspect the Kings daughter and other daughters of the rich do not actually have lots in the raffle. They are getting fed up with their daughters being sacrificed and go in search of the great wizard Ulrich. Ulrich is very old, but agrees to kill the dragon. He begins the journey to the kingdom along with his servant and apprentice, but dies in route. The apprentice vows to keep the wizards promise and slay the dragon himself.

Forget Dragonheart and other dragon movies, this is the best. Maybe the special effects are a little dated, but they did an awesome job with what they had. And the story is great. It is classic fairy-tale. Dark, ominous, a man against the odds, virgin sacrifices, magic, a monster. What more could you want? One of my all time favorite movies.