It's an awful, awful number the Mayans/Chinese/Arabs had the audacity to think up. It has such properties as being the identity of addition, and makes division and algebra problems a pain in the neck, because it has the property of dividing infinately (or negative infinitely, for those of you who want to be number fascists) into any number. Try adding up zeros sometime, and see how far you can get. I got to Zero once, but it took me four hours and I don't sleep much... Anyhow, if you want to try other math stuff then adding, try taking yet another look at zero (note- feel free to node the answers if you like, I'm not doin it):

What is 0! ? (Answer)
What is 00? (Answer)
What is 0's relation to absolute value, and once you figure that one out, try | i |? (Answer)

It's a very important number, actually. With zero, we don't need to use Roman Numerals anymore - we can use base 10, or even base 2. With the advent of the zero holding digit (showing a lack of value for a certain power of the particular base one is working with), numbers simply start to make more sense. Try to remember how important that number is the next time you get it on a test or quiz, it's the ancient's way of telling you that there is no positive integer value to express how poorly you have done.