"I am a prisoner. I have been here for 33 days, forced to work for my captors- but I am getting ahead of myself.

"I was brought here to this technophobic place along with over one hundred others from places I do not know. We were promised Disneyland, good food, and fun of all kinds. How was I, at just barely eleven years old, to know to question and balk when everyone else thought it was a good idea?

"The walls are thin, the work is hard, and there is almost no food to eat or water good to drink. I ran once, at the beginning of my captivity, after I realized that we were not going to Disneyland, and candy was not on the menu... I was captured eventually, of course, after a few scuffles, several marginal hiding spots, and lots of running. I was surprised that punishment for running was not harsher, I was simply forced to work alongside everyone else.

"Please get our message out. We are lost here, we want to come home, we hate everything about this place. Send help!"

Three days later, all the prisoners were released. Rumor spread that a message had gotten out, and the captors feared reprisal. Rather than keeping the captives, potentially losing some to illness or accident, all were released and returned to their homes. And those who received the freed slaves were so overjoyed that reprisal efforts were minimal, and nothing came of them. The situation lay dormant for several years.

"Here we are again, but this time we can call out for help sooner. The situation is the same, but now we are all a little older. They could not keep me in captivity here, and I have managed to send out this call after only three days of this horrible place. Please help us again. We are in the Marileth region of the Baltemeres, spread across the wilderness here. There are 114 of us, and I ask that fierce reprisal overtake our captors if any of us die here. I have some crude weapons to defend myself, and fortunately our captors have nothing more complicated, nor overwhelming numbers to enforce their position over me, but survival is difficult here. Please come quickly!"

The captives were returned much more quickly this time, and it was discovered that the slavers had been using an airborne drug in combination with chemicals naturally occurring in certain areas to trick their prey into coming with them. Great reprisal took place, and slavers the world over were given a "shoot on sight" sentence. It was found later that the enslavement had certain positive effects on many of those taken against their will, but everyone agreed that the price was too high, and the potential for lives lost too great.

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