Me memememememe. I'll come, though I'll need fondue to chaperone me of course.

Heh, and btw I really like Christmas so nerrr.

And please don't hurt me about Mornington Crescent. Please?

RalphyK: I meant that *I* used to work in shop that played said songs all Christmas. Even worse - it was Dixons so I had to sell people PCs with a straight face - ARGH!. Except I love the Fairytale of New York and so should everyone. :) How can Ronan Keating have covered it? ARGH again. I still like it though.

Fondue is just jealous because he lives in Wales and gets a lump of coal and a whip and top for Christmas....This isn't going to turn into a slanging match is it? Just 'cos you don't appreciate finely wrought mechanical devices/family heirlooms. And anyway, you know how much I am against systematic ridicule.

FelonyMPulse: Not a BOFH at all. No.