the *absolute most dangerous* kind of magic/magick. Any magic or "spells" or ritual can be dangerous in the hands of the inexperienced but this is deadly dangerous in *anyone's* hands. However, because of its nature, this is more likely to be practiced by dabblers, "oh lookit i'm a witch because it's cool!" people, and those who just honestly lack the knowledge base.

Technically, there are no "evil" spells; rather it is the *manner* and *spirit* which they are cast in that causes it be good or evil. Manipulative magic is truly wrong, unethical, and if that's not enough, karma or the law of three *will* bite you in the ass if you do this.

Magic is considered manipulative in these ways:

1) casting a spell upon a person without their knowledge. This DOES include "Oh i'll just do this for my friend, it will help her get better grades." NO. it is *fine* to cast a spell for another person--but get their *permission* first. Spellcasting unasked to them is like someone telling you "oh i'll pray for you!" if you don't want them to pray to a god you don't believe in for a "salvation" you don't want. on *top* of that there's that "threes" factor -_- This act is passive-manipulative, as it was done with no intent for ill, but it is still manipulative.

2) cursing someone. Umm, DUH? This is like the above except *with* malicious intent. if you thought helpful unasked casting was bad..... you must remember, if you do this *you may just get what you asked for*. Don't EVER cast with the assumption "oh it won't work anyways!" That will be the one time it DOES.

3) the least obvious form of manipulative magic is, well, anything that influences another against their will. the *same spell* can be used in manipulative or non-manipulative ways. The easiest example is this:

If you cast a love spell saying in essence "please, if it is your will, bring me love i need companionship i'm lonely" that is fine and good and safe. And someone else who is questing for love may find it easier to find you hereafter.

But if you take the exact same ceremony and put the intent of "Make (insert name of very specific person here) fall madly in love with me, marry me, spend the rest of his life with me!" that is manipulative in the worst sense. that spell was cast with the intent of *influencing another*. And what if it works? What if you *do* win his affections? (i am using 'he' because it tends to be lovesick 14-year old girls that cast love spells like this. They frequently get from teen magazines quasi-spells that are factually correct but contextually *wrong*, aka "write his name on a piece of paper and burn it in a red candle, chanting (foo)" this is a massive irresponsibility of these publications but that's a rant for another time.) Again i ask what if it works? What if he *does* "fall in love" with you? two things tend to happen here--you 'win' him and realize he's NOT what you thought, you don't' want him anymore, but you DONT know how to undo this, so he is still head over heels for you and you cannot get yourself out. the other is, you "win". he loves you, he is what you wanted. But gradually the thought becomes... do you really want a *slave*? because this is what in essence he is. He is bound to you thru little will of his own but a massive act of manipulation. And you will never quite know if he truly loves you, or *believes* he does from your work. You don't have a lover, but a possession. This can even be compounded by the victim *realizing* over time what happened--but with the knowledge they are *still* powerless to change it, and grow resentful. But they still can't leave unless you set them free. They grow resentful, you get unhappy... it all goes straight to hell. you get your work back, not "in spades" but in threes.

It's not the spell itself. it's what you *mean* by it. i cannot emphasize enough, BE CAREFUL. an harm ye none, do what ye will. But making someone they're not, doing something for someone they don't want done... is doing harm.
so mote it be.

am in the process of trying to thoughtfully address CtF's points. if this discussion interests you in the least please come back after thanksgiving (as i am descending into that black abyss called "family bonding time") when i a) have a connection other than *aol* and b)have this thought through and have it written. was gonna do it tonight, decided i was too tired to address it intelligently.